Peter Gribbin

Peter Gribbon’s love of all sports started as a young student in Portland High School, class of 1957. Although Peter was not a gifted athlete, his love of athletics kept him involved. As Peter points out, one of his fondest memories was the one point he scored for the Bulldogs on Feb. 12, 1957, now known as “ the day of Gribbons point” ! 

Peter is an unofficial historian of the game. For over fifty years, Peter has been known as the “official” Public Address announcer for Portland High School and the MPA tournament. His voice has resonanted throughout the Expo for half a century. In the process, his sense of humor and authenic geniality have welcomed countless student-athletes and coaches to the facility. The Expo became Peter’s second home for five decades.  

The 1961 Bowdoin graduate has received many awards for his community service. In 1992 the City of Portland honored him with the “ Outstanding Citizenship Award” and in 2012 the Fitzpatrick Stadium press box the Peter E. Gribbon Press Box.

In 2019 the Maine Principals’ Association’s “ The Voice Above the Crowd” award was presented to Peter for 53 years of service to Maine High School athletes. As Peter ages, he remains committed to another generation of the coaches, and players; and we are better for it. 

The Maine Basketball Hall of Fame welcomes this gracious, gifted, and kind man into our select circle.