About the Hall

Founded in 2013, basketball has been an institution and a part of every Maine city for a century.

The concept of a Hall of Fame came from a desire to:

  • Preserve the history of basketball in the State of Maine;
  • Identify and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of individuals and teams;
  • Promote the heritage of basketball in the State of Maine.

This undertaking records the one hundred year rich history of Maine’s high school, collegiate and town team/semi-pro basketball as well as identify and recognize the outstanding teams, players, coaches, officials, athletic administrators, media members and other organizations and persons who have made a significant contribution to Maine’s basketball.

The design of the Maine State Basketball Hall of Fame is not only to identify and honor the elite participants. There are multiple achievement and contribution categories, each one having fitting criteria.

The leadership design includes a board of directors, officers, and  a selection committee.

It is hoped that everyone who has been involved with State of Maine basketball will value and share in the spirit of the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame which will stand as “A Lasting Memorial to a Maine Tradition.”

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If you have any questions email us at MEBasketballHOF@gmail.com.