Heidi Deery


The Rangeley High School Athletic Handbook’s mission reads in part, “ Our intent is to provide opportunities for student-athletes to enrich their lives through participation in education-based programs while providing life-long lessons including self-pride, positive attitudes, and service to others.”

Heidi Deery helped write that mission statement, and her life she is both a living example and the personification of that statement. 

Heidi is a native daughter of the Rangeley area and has spent her entire professional career in the service of her community. Her story is one of generously giving to others and to teaching young people, largely young women, to look beyond their personal needs to help others, whether those needs were academic, athletic, financial, or social. She allowed them to compete in a healthy athletic environment while learning to commit others, and accept victory and defeat in the same manner. 

As a young female – athlete in the late 70s and early 80s, Heidi had few female athletes to admire. Title IX was gaining strength and female high school athletes were finally treated fairly, with post-season tournaments and equal access to facilities and programs. 

Heidi was an exceptional all-round athlete. She was strong and talented; able to run endlessly with quickness and stamina. Her basketball skills developed along with her physical growth. It wasn’t long before area hoop coaches knew they had a problem on their hands. 

Heidi led the Lakers to at State Championship in 1984, a momentous accomplishment.

She returned to her alma mater to coach and begin a Hall of Fame career that saw her teams win over 400 games with an incredible .86 winning percentage. Rangeley, under her leadership, won seven Western Maine Championships and Gold Balls in 1993,2004, and 2016. 

Her teams were known for their discipline and defensive tenacity. 

Heidi’s induction into the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame honors her tireless efforts over four decades to improve our sport and impacting the lives of girls eager for someone to emulate. 

Heidi still work at Rangeley High School as its Asst. Athletic Director.