Bob Woodbury

Bob is extremely proud of his career that spanned over a half-century at WTVL radio in Waterville, WABI-TV and radio in Bangor and with the Central Maine Morning Sentinel in Waterville (plus a 10-year post-retirement engagement with LL Bean customer service). While extremely proud to have had the privilege of telling the people of Maine what great kids we have, he is also very proud of the people he mentored including: Gary Thorne of Old Town, presently doing play-by-play for the Baltimore Orioles and under contract with ABC/ESPN, and who broadcast his first ever game with Bob as a junior in high school from the balcony of Milo High School; David Brancaccio, a Waterville High School grad, former European correspondent for Public Radio and moderator of the program “Marketplace”; Allan Audet and Roger Gagne, Winslow High graduates – Audet became a producer for CNN in Atlanta and Gagne a salesman extrodinaire for cable TV and WABI-TV; and Bob Duchesne, a Colby College graduate, author, Bangor radio executive and state representative to the Maine legislature.